This was truly an unparallelled opportunity to learn and train the best approaches to any airway. Operating the vast array of airway devices and tools was invaluable. The faculty were knowledgeable, personable, efficient, and entertaining. This weekend was worth every penny! Excellent course all around!

Ronnie Tisdale, MD, MPH
Selma, AL

This course has forever changed my approach to airway management. It was amazing to see how fast the field of airway research had evolved since residency. Now I know why my colleagues say this course is the top way to learn difficult airway management!

Joseph Reardon, MD
Greenville, SC

Absolutely amazing course! The hands-on part is great, faculty are very involved in helping you, giving you tips, answering questions. Truly passionate people, great quality course!

Samantha Dion-Shields, MD
Quebec, Canada

This course is a vital part of my anesthetic practice. After over 20 years experience, I always appreciate the content and hands-on skill stations to refine my practice every 5 years or so. I always come out of this course a better clinician and will continue to attend as long as I am practicing. The best conference I have ever attended hands down!

Lisa Harrison, CRNA
Vancouver, WA

“Hands-down the best conference I have ever attended. Excellent lectures, small group discussions, and interactive stations. Thanks for all your hard work. It clearly shows in this course.”

Attendee, San Diego 2021

“Fantastic course!  The whole program was extremely well done and taught me so much.  Well worth the cost!”

Norman McGowin, III, MD
Greenville, AL

I attended the course in Houston and found it to be fantastic! It completely exceeded my expectations and turned out to be well worth the trip from Vancouver. The crew in Houston do a wonderful job and besides the valuable learning experience were entertaining as well.

Tyler Keys
Vancouver, British Columbia

Have learnt some incredible skills and techniques that I wish I’d been shown sooner in my career.

Jonathan Search
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Excellent overall, incredible teaching staff. This course is a must for all CCM practitioners.

Fredy Toiber, MD
Portland, Oregon

Amazing course! Every doctor involved with airway management should take this course. I can clearly assess my strengths and my weaknesses, I feel well prepared to approach the most challenging airways. The hands-on experienced is key to this course! Thank you for a well-organized and enlightening course!

Norma S., DO
Houston, Texas

I have been in clinical practice as a pulmonary/critical care physician for 23 years, and this is the best (and most applicable) CME class that I have ever taken. The faculty was outstanding. They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and they never made me feel uncomfortable while learning new skills. I strongly recommend this course to any provider whose scope of practice includes airway management.

John B. Krueger, MD
Hollywood, Florida

“This is hands down the best CME event I’ve done in my 35 years as an anesthesiologist. Keep up the splendid work!”

Michael Sopchak, MD

“This course was excellent. A must for all anesthesiologists. The faculty was exceptional.”

Richard T. Warner, MD

This was my third time in 10 years attending the course. I learn something new each time!

Thomas M. Toal, MD
Ithaca, NY

The faculty were incredibly approachable, I enjoyed hearing their experiences and appreciate them sharing their unique approaches to difficult situations. Thank you for making this course available to APNs!

Claire Clouse, APRN
Carmel, Indiana

“Outstanding! Time and money very well spent. Knowledgeable and entertaining faculty.”

Susan Cambria, CRNA

“You guys knocked it out of the park! Not only was the course highly informative and empowering, but fun and enjoyable as well.”

Christopher Battaglia, MD
Buffalo, NY

“I loved the warmth and passion of the instructors. Great group and very accessible. Easily one of the best, most practical and fun CME courses I have had in a long time.”

Jennifer Mark, MD
Roanoke, VA

“Excellent course. I highly recommend it to all anesthesiologists. Anesthesia residents should take this course before graduating. Excellent faculty.”

Albert Chuang, MD

“This is singularly the best CME course I have been to in my 25 years in practice! I believe this should become the ACLS for Airway and a requirement for all anesthesia residents to graduate their training program. Thank you!!”

Jill A. Antoine, MD

“This course provides an excellent systematic approach to evaluating different airways. It is a great help to my practice.”

Jerome Aul, MD

“I hoped this was going to be the really top airway course out there — it was! Thanks.”

Vincent Martinez, CRNA, MS

“Without a doubt, the best definitive education I have ever received for airway management.”

Gilbert Thayer, MD

“Best prepared course I have ever attended. I strongly believe it should be a requirement for all physicians involved in emergency care.”

O. F. Fonseca, MD

“Beyond a doubt — the most practical and appropriate course that I have ever attended.  Fabulous!”

Jeff Weinberg Ontario,

“I traveled 10,000 miles from the UK for this course and I was not disappointed.”

Simon Wyer, MRCS (Glas) MRCS (Eng) MFAEM
United Kingdom

“Superlative faculty and cutting-edge information. Thank you!’

Cynthia Cristofani, MD

“Second time taking this course – still the best CME course I ever attended. I’ll be back.”

David Lublin, DO

“One of the most important courses I have ever attended. The lectures, demos and hands-on workshops were all amazing”

Andrew Jones, MD


I attended your airway course in Boston this month. Since I rarely care for critically ill pediatric patients, it was comforting to have just finished that class. The review helped me take care of a three-year-old today with cardiac arrest, post-anoxic encephalopathy and status epilepticus. We did RSI and put him on a versed drip and transferred him to Denver. I thought you might like to know that your course makes a big difference in the care of REAL patients. Thanks.

Ron Iverson, MD
Casper, WY

I recently took the airway course. I had my personal worst nightmare patient with angioedema who failed all medical therapy and was having increasing secretions. DUE TO YOUR COURSE, I was successful at fiberoptically nasally intubating her with an awake intubation approach. It went very smoothly. I am so grateful to you and your excellent staff.

Amy Baruch, MD
Boise, Idaho

I wanted to write and let you know that shortly after I completed the airway course in Las Vegas I had an opportunity to practice the skills I learned. A 12-year-old was involved in a serious ATV accident and needed a crash airway. The cognitive and motor skills I practiced in your class directly resulted in a first pass intubation with a fantastic outcome. Part of the privilege of being a medical educator is that you not only save lives where you are the physician in charge but also in the lives saved where your education of an individual plays a significant role. The latter I am sure you don’t hear about enough and I wanted to write and congratulate you on a life saved in rural Wyoming. I am going to make your course mandatory for our clinical staff. Thanks again.

James H. Quirk Jr, MD
Pinedale, Wyoming

Last night, I had that nightmare airway every ER physician hopes to never see: obese male with Ludwig’s, severe epiglottitis and hoarseness. Luckily, he was still breathing on own with stridor in the upright position but comfortable. Had I not taken your course, I would not have been able to perform an upright, awake, bronchoscope nasal intubation. The airway opening around the arytenoids through the scope was just slightly larger than the size of the bronchoscope!  Thank you a thousand times over!!!

Sandra Mostaccio, MD