Excellent overall, incredible teaching staff. This course is a must for all CCM practitioners.

Fredy Toiber, MD
Portland, Oregon

Amazing course! Every doctor involved with airway management should take this course. I can clearly assess my strengths and my weaknesses, I feel well prepared to approach the most challenging airways. The hands-on experienced is key to this course! Thank you for a well-organized and enlightening course!

Norma S., DO
Houston, Texas

I have been in clinical practice as a pulmonary/critical care physician for 23 years, and this is the best (and most applicable) CME class that I have ever taken. The faculty was outstanding. They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and they never made me feel uncomfortable while learning new skills. I strongly recommend this course to any provider whose scope of practice includes airway management.

John B. Krueger, MD
Hollywood, Florida

The faculty were incredibly approachable, I enjoyed hearing their experiences and appreciate them sharing their unique approaches to difficult situations. Thank you for making this course available to APNs!

Claire Clouse, APRN
Carmel, Indiana

“You guys knocked it out of the park! Not only was the course highly informative and empowering, but fun and enjoyable as well.”

Christopher Battaglia, MD
Buffalo, NY

“I loved the warmth and passion of the instructors. Great group and very accessible. Easily one of the best, most practical and fun CME courses I have had in a long time.”

Jennifer Mark, MD
Roanoke, VA