This course is a vital part of my anesthetic practice. After over 20 years experience, I always appreciate the content and hands-on skill stations to refine my practice every 5 years or so. I always come out of this course a better clinician and will continue to attend as long as I am practicing. The best conference I have ever attended hands down!

Lisa Harrison, CRNA
Vancouver, WA

“Hands-down the best conference I have ever attended. Excellent lectures, small group discussions, and interactive stations. Thanks for all your hard work. It clearly shows in this course.”

Attendee, San Diego 2021

“This is hands down the best CME event I’ve done in my 35 years as an anesthesiologist. Keep up the splendid work!”

Michael Sopchak, MD

“This course was excellent. A must for all anesthesiologists. The faculty was exceptional.”

Richard T. Warner, MD

This was my third time in 10 years attending the course. I learn something new each time!

Thomas M. Toal, MD
Ithaca, NY

“Outstanding! Time and money very well spent. Knowledgeable and entertaining faculty.”

Susan Cambria, CRNA

“Excellent course. I highly recommend it to all anesthesiologists. Anesthesia residents should take this course before graduating. Excellent faculty.”

Albert Chuang, MD

“This is singularly the best CME course I have been to in my 25 years in practice! I believe this should become the ACLS for Airway and a requirement for all anesthesia residents to graduate their training program. Thank you!!”

Jill A. Antoine, MD

“This course provides an excellent systematic approach to evaluating different airways. It is a great help to my practice.”

Jerome Aul, MD

“I hoped this was going to be the really top airway course out there — it was! Thanks.”

Vincent Martinez, CRNA, MS