You have goals and we have solutions to help you meet them. What are your goals?

To meet my CME requirements in a way that does more than just meet my CME requirements.

It’s great to learn something interesting, but to learn something that changes your practice is what it is all about. In The Difficult Airway Course: Emergency, The Difficult Airway Course: Anesthesia and The Difficult Airway Course: Critical Care, over 95% of attendees say that they will change their practice as a result of our course. Most people say they will start going into each case with a Plan A, B and C. They’ll try a different approach or a different device first. They’ll move from Plan A to Plan B or C faster. They’ll assess their patient differently. The feedback is similar for all of our programs. Each CME credit is an opportunity to change your patient care for the better – the holy grail of medical education. Learn more.

To get everyone in my hospital, network, agency or group on the same page – and speaking the same airway language.

If you are responsible for a physician group, a hospital system, a department, an agency, medical direction of an EMS system, or a telemedicine network you know how important it is to have everyone speaking the same language. It makes for more efficient and effective communication and teamwork. By hosting a Custom Course, you can build that shared language and raise the airway bar – setting the stage for airway excellence all around you. Learn more.

To ensure our residents meet their milestones and can manage their airway cases with confidence and skill.

Despite their lack of experience, residents are often thrown into the fire on day one. There’s not much you can do about that, but you can help them avoid the pitfalls of inexperience through evidence- and milestone-based airway education. The Difficult Airway Course: Residency Edition provides an always-current and flexible curriculum that can be taught by your own faculty or by ours. Learn more.

To ensure that our paramedic and EMT students are well-trained in airway management – especially as the EMS airway debates swirl on around them.

As an accredited program, you can license The Difficult Airway Course: EMS and our other EMS programs for the benefit of your students. Some initial training programs run our course during their “airway days”, others distribute sections of the course throughout their curriculum and still others use it as a capstone event. By offering this evidence-based and widely adopted approach to airway management, you prepare your students to confidently manage any airway they encounter. Learn more.

To fulfill my organization’s EMS education mission.

Are you an institution with an EMS education and outreach mission? Benefit your local EMS providers and community by becoming an Authorized Training Center for our three EMS programs. What a great way to meet your mission by offering these empowering and highly-respected programs. Learn more.

To know I am doing the best for my patients.

The best for your patient. It’s what we all strive for. How do we know what is best? Scientific evidence. Scientific evidence fine-tuned by the successes and failures of thousands of airway cases. This is what we offer to you. We look forward to welcoming you to our next course.