Drs. Michael Murphy, Ernesto Brauer & Eric Siegal on Airway Skills: “Not Just for Anesthesia Providers”

July 24, 2017

“As anesthesiology once assisted EM [Emergency Medicine] in developing airway management standards, training and curricula, we must do the same for our colleagues in critical care and hospital medicine.” This is the invitation extended by Drs. Michael Murphy, Ernesto Brauer and Eric Siegal in ‘Airway Skills Are Important…and Not Just for Anesthesia Providers,’ recently published in the Autumn 2015 edition of The Airway Gazette (published by the Society for Airway Management).

The authors, all faculty for The Difficult Airway Course: Critical CareTM compare the status of airway management by Critical Care and Hospital Medicine providers to that of Emergency Physicians in the infancy of the Emergency Medicine specialty. They encourage their colleagues in the Society of Airway Management to join them in welcoming intensivists and hospitalists into the ranks of airway managers.

To read the full article, view The Airway Gazette on the Society for Airway Management website.

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