July 2018

International Presence Makes Airway Management Education More Accessible

July 5, 2018

While The Difficult Airway Course™ has a strong presence in the United States, it also extends itself to a global reach. Starting with courses in Canada and The United Kingdom, The Difficult Airway Course has since grown to reach Saudi Arabia, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago, Korea, and numerous other places all around the globe. With […]

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5th Edition of Walls Manual of Emergency Airway Management Keeps The Difficult Airway Course On the Leading Edge

July 4, 2018

The Difficult Airway Course™ prides itself on staying updated on all studies and sciences in the field of airway management. Keeping with this practice, The Difficult Airway Course: Emergency and The Difficult Airway Course: Critical Care will be using the new fifth edition of The Walls Manual of Emergency Airway Management. Edited by Calvin Brown […]

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Jarrod Mosier MD Named National Course Director

July 3, 2018

Jarrod Mosier, MD is the new National Director of The Difficult Airway Course: Critical Care™. Mosier’s work began in The Difficult Airway Course: Emergency™, where his expertise quickly shined and, coupled with his experience in Critical Care medicine, earned him the post of Director for the new Critical Care offering. He is an Associate Professor […]

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